I found these 10 benefits on MindBodyGreen

These 10 benefits are just a start because if you Google around, you’ll find even more reasons why drinking is so important for our body and health. However, I think these 10 benefits already show the importance. The reason why I started drinking more is that I had a lot of headaches. First of all, I’ve never been a good drinker. If I wasn’t thirsty I just didn’t drink. But that could easily be a huge part of the day and most of the time, when I started to get a headache, I remembered that I didn’t drink enough. To prevent headaches and to help my body, skin, and health in general, I thought it was time to drink more. I had to change my bad habits into good habits and I discovered some ways to help me drink more. I hope these tips can help you with drinking more/enough as well.